Legal and Judicial Services

Legal services

National and foreign exchange transactions:

Advisory service, debt collection proceedings.+ info.

Competition and Advertising Law:

Advice on Spanish and European Union laws on competition, monopolies and other restrictive practices.

Market Securities Law:

Advice on relations with the Spanish Securities Commission (CNMV) for domestic and foreign companies interested in trading securities or going public on Spanish Stock Exchanges + info.

Patents and Copyrights Law:

Advice on protecting trademarks, brand names, logotypes and patents.
Industrial and intellectual property contracts.
Legal representation in cases involving infringement of patent or copyright laws and unfair competition.

Association Law:

Foundation, registration and full advisory services of all type of associations.

Corporate Law:

Foundation, registration and full corporate advisory service for Spanish and foreign companies: new businesses; capital increases and decreases; mergers; acquisitions; spin-offs; foreign investments in Spain; Spanish corporate operations abroad, taxation, insolvency and all other business-related issues.

Banking & Finance:

Llobet & Beirat have solid experience working with banks to cover unpaid debts through court proceedings and mortgage foreclosures.
Counseling for domestic and international banks planning to open branches in Spain or abroad.
Bankruptcy and temporary receivership.


Counseling on personal and corporate taxation. Corporate tax audits.
International taxation.
Taxes on non-resident companies.
Investment counseling and other tax-related matters.

International Taxation :

Counseling for low tax areas taxation.

Insurance Law:

Full advisory services to insurance companies in all type of proceedings and negotiations.

Criminal and Economic law:

Full advisory services in criminal and economic law; organized fraud; fraudulent bankruptcy; swindles; misappropriation; manager liabilities and others.

Labor Relations:

Advice for employers and employees.
Contracts, labor relations audits, counseling on collective bargaining procedures, opening and closing work places, litigation and settlements, negotiations with labor unions and government agencies.

Civil Law:

Legal counseling for firms and individuals on all issues related to civil liability.

Privacy Law and Digital Law

Legal advice on personal data issues, GDPR, legal actions for the protection of privacy, libel and diffamation, digital contract’s law and new technologies.

Real estate Law

Legal advice on real estate law matters

Energy Law

Legal advice on energy matters

Telecommunication Law

Legal advice on telecommunication law matters

Transport Law

Legal advice on transport law, in particular, in aeronautical law

European Community Law:

Counseling on relations with EC agencies and individual and corporate relations with specific member states.
Llobet & Beirat will study and draft legal opinions on request.