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The law firm Llobet & Beirat was founded in 1986. The firm was by that time located at Avenida de Roma, in Barcelona (Spain). The firm grew in the context of the integration of Spain within the European Community and of increasing complexity of companies’ and private individuals’ legal environment in Spain and Europe.

In 1988, the continuous growth of the firm lead to the differentiation of the activities of legal advice and litigation under the brand Llobet & Beirat on the one hand from the activities of tax law, labour law and accountability under the brand BACC Asesores on the other hand.

The firm opened as of that year the new offices at Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona to host the activities of legal advice and litigation in full swing. The activities of BACC Asesores remain at the historical office of Avenida de Roma.

In 1995, the group Llobet & Beirat materialized its presence at the national level and as a by the opening of new offices in Madrid, Plaza de Canalejas. In 2006, the firm moved to the current offices in Madrid, Calle Duque de Sesto in the heart of the elegant Salamanca district. Since then, the Madrid offices are a hub for European exports to Latin America and allowed the group to respond the needs of their clients overseas.

On 25 March 2010, the law firm advised and accomplished to list the Company Medcom Tech, S.A. in the Spanish Alternative Stock Exchange (Mercado Alternativo Bursátil- M.A.B.).

In 2013, the offices of Avenida de Roma in Barcelona are enlarged to meet client needs.

In 2016, in order to better respond to French, Spanish and foreigner clients needs with interests in Spain, in France and/or in Francophone Africa, the group Llobet & Beirat started its international expansion by the opening of the new Parisian offices, Avenue Percier in the chic VIIIth district of Paris.

In 2018, Llobet & Beirat relocated the activities of legal advice and litigation in Barcelona to the new offices, Gran Vía de Carles III (Trade Building).